7-Piece Front Counter Screen Acrylic panels, Steel Clips #2


The sneeze guard barrier solution has been developed to universally fit purchase station configurations and dimensions.

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  • Front counter sneeze guards help prevent the spread of germs in your store at the ordering station, offering a safety shield to both customers and employees.
  • 7-Piece set designed to easily be installed at the front counter top.
  • Manufactured with clear acrylic panels that are easy to clean and maintain.
  • IMPORTANT: Front counter sneeze guards are designed with Anthropometrical and Parametrical guidelines to work in any typical counter configuration.

Product Specs

7 Piece Set Sneezeguard
(1x) Acrylic 3mm Front Panel W23.6"X H31.5"X 0.125"
(2x) Acrylic 4mm Side Panels W11.8"x H31.5"x 0.15"
(4x) Steel Ga.10 Clamp type#2 Support Real finish
Assembly: Framed Front Panel into CNC Side Panels, Attached to Counter Surface with 4x Steel Clips
Finishes: Clear Acrylic Panels, Real Steel Components
Attachments: VHB Tape for Steel Components
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